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Katie and Laura’s absolutely nothing book for men sporting ladies’ Knickers

Katie and Laura’s absolutely nothing book for men sporting ladies’ Knickers

Constantly don Panties you like.

Earliest, thank-you for understanding our very own publication and you can exhibiting notice within line of Like Silk Underwear! Prior to beginning our very own Panty brand name, i never ever envisioned that the was instance a large thing and you will that more than ten% of males take pleasure in putting on ladies Underwear. This information is required both for brand new Men whom appreciate dressed in Panties, while the women who Like them.

(and here is a bit facts book with the Women who love him or her.)?

Just like the our company is one another very detail established, we did loads of homework on this. Today do not want you to trust the audience is getting judgmental, these are simply issues. The most up-to-date research signifies that more than 10% of all of the heterosexual guys continuously wear ladies Knickers getting sexual pleasure. (Over the years, it absolutely was estimated you to definitely regarding the 3-5% of males daily used ladies’ undergarments to have fulfillment, however, boys was basically more likely to hide their wishes.) Yay! It’s wonderful to see moments alter and people become more comfy wearing what they really appeal. These studies and show that these people normally: possess highest IQs, make more money, be successful, be much more faithful on the spouses/girlfriends, tend to be less inclined to cheating, and generally are significantly more heterosexually created than just non-panty-wear guys.