1. Finite Element Method.

2. Hull Construction Scantling Calculation

3. IACS URS17, S18, S20 (Flooding Condition SOLAS Chapter XII)

4. Common Structure Rule (CSR-OT and CSR-BC)

5. Permanent Mean of Access (PMA-SOLAS Chapter II-1)

6. Water Ballast Management and Treatment

7. Allowable Cargo Mass Distribution

8. Strength Reinforcement

9. Longitudinal Strength

10. Fatigue Direct Analysis

11. Buckling Analysis

12. Vibration Analysis

13. Drain Hole Arrangement (Mitsui Engineering Method)

14. Steel coil Calculation (Class NK Technical Information)

15. Welding Table and Welding Procedure Standard

16. Basic Design HCD (Key Plan, Yard Plan)

17. Steel List Estimation Include Rough of Materials and Waste of Materials MO7

18. Weight Control Estimation

19. Steel Coil Arrangement and Calculation

20. Slamming Zone Pressure

21. Bow Impact Calculation

22. Containers Securing Design

23. NDT Check Point

24. Docking Plan

25. Tank Structure Calculation

26. Pipe Stress Analysis.

27. Heat Coil Calculation

28. Engine Room Layout

29. Production Drawing (Assembly Drawing, Assembly Part List, Nesting Plate, Nesting Profile, Lifting Information, Piece Drawing, Profile Sketch, & List of Materials).

30. ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

31. API Standard 650

32. SNI 03-1726-2002 dan 03-2847-2002 code for application

33. Numeric Analysis Applied

34. Concrete scantling (confinement, reinforcement, shear wall and column beam joint)

35. Calculation launching with transporter procedure

36. Calculation Modulus Half Block Launching

37. Allowable bending moment and shear force distribution

38. Shape mode MDOF structural dynamic

39. Side launching analysis

40. Lifting beam calculation