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Professionals was basically hired due to newspaper ad and you may distribution from leaflets

Professionals was basically hired due to newspaper ad and you may distribution from leaflets


The decide to try constructed 192 adults out of six age range (19–29, 30–39, 40–49, 50–59, 60–69, and you can 70–79 decades), for every single stratified from the sex. It received ˆtwenty five (around $35) for a couple of dos-hours classes to compensate their expenses. An average of, players was in fact well-educated with 15.7 years of studies. Complete, it stated highest amounts of existence satisfaction (Meters = step 3.68; mentioned because of the an individual product which have a scale anywhere between 1 [really unhappy] so you can 5 [really satisfied]).

Age group differences were found for years spent with education, F(5,181) = 4.51, p < .01, with the group of 30–39 years old having received the highest educational level (M = years) and the group of 50–59 years old having the lowest level (M = years). The analysis of a dichotomized variable “partnership” (yes vs. no, each 50% of the sample) revealed no age differences, ? 2 (5, N = 190) = 4.15, ns, suggesting that, in principle, the members of all age groups did not differ in the risk of being exposed to partnership conflicts.

Understanding Opportunities

As the age-neutral task, we used the suicide task, a task that had been used in several past studies from the Berlin group (i.e., “Somebody receives a phone call from a good friend. The friend says that she or he cannot go on anymore and that she or he has decided to commit suicide. What could one/the person consider and do?”). In addition, we formulated a vignette about marital conflict as a task that is particularly relevant to more youthful adults (“Somebody has a serious conflict in her or his partnership. What could one/the person consider and do?”). Finally, to assess wisdom-related knowledge about marital conflict under more natural conditions, we presented films of couples as they discussed a mutual conflict in their marriage. Thus, the films presented real people’s real problems in context-rich ways (i.e., the spouses engaged in an authentic conflict conversation and expressed their thoughts and emotions on various verbal and nonverbal channels).