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Arrival dates: 28th Numbers/Type of rooms: 3 DBL rooms

Arrival dates: 28th Numbers/Type of rooms: 3 DBL rooms

Type of hotel: 3*/4* or motel/B&B hotel Number of nights: 21 nights. Number of persons: 6. Number of Tour days: 15days (from 30th March to 13th April)

We would like you to arrange an itinerary for 15 days and we would like you to kindly confirm the availability of a POS machine (a credit card charging machine) in your facility because we shall make all our payment ONLY by credit card, also provide me with the total cost for the above itinerary requirements.

To Proceed, We have attached Alibaba account verification to this email.All you have to do is to Open the attached Form, Fill in the right details as required in the form.

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Number of days: 21 days

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