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8. Gringo Card – Are they open to dating foreigners?

8. Gringo Card – Are they open to dating foreigners?

5. Are they good as mothers?

Even though Japan is very corporately oriented, it is still expected of girls to drop their careers and raise a family while the husband remains the sole breadwinner.

The Japanese take great pride in raising well-behaved children, and to do that you need healthy relationships in the family.

Mothers are the cornerstone of the family and they feel a great bit of honor in the task mentioned before.

They see it as a sort of duty to their country, which often leads to great results – hard-working, moral and virtuous children who have great pride in the family name.

6. Are they romantic?

When you surprise her with a romantic gift like roses or chocolate, they will usually not shy away from showing affection.

Romance is still very popular among young women, and Japan is not an exception to this.