Academic Activities

Actively involved and supervise student activity organizations in field of research and science such as Marine Robotic Community (MRC), Watercraft Studies Center (WSC), and Reasoning Studies Center(RSC/UKM Penalaran) from 2012 until today. All of these organisations are used to accommodate student creativity and their hobbies. MRC facilitates students who have research interest of robotics and electronic for national and international competition. Students who want to learn about the construction of small boat from fiberglass composite for student competition can join with WSC. While RSC organize all student activity related to writing a paper, a presentation, and create a seminar poster. The following picture illustrate some activities of these student organizations. Some of competitions followed by my students are shown in table 1.

Fig. 1. MRC members with their works.
Fig. 2. WSC and MRC members when they won 2nd place on KKCTBN 2013 (Autonomous and RC Electric)

Fig. 3. WSC and MRC members obtained 2nd Place (Autonomous) and 3rd place (RC Engine) on KKCTBN 2016.
Fig. 4. MRC members got 3rd place on KOMURINDO 2015.
Fig. 5. RSC/UKM Penalaran members in some events.

Table 1. Participation list of MRC, WSC, and Reasoning.