Final Project Marketing class A 2016

Being the largest archipelago country in the world where two-thirds of its territory is water,
Indonesia depends heavily on maritime sector like shipbuilding, fishery, export and import, shipping, and many more.

The development of maritime and shipbuilding industry making the presence of the shipping department increasingly necessary.
SHIPS offering 11 study programmes in the field of shipbuilding and marine-related industries and also offering more than 20 workshops.

1. Design and Construction study programme
2. Design and Manufacture Engineering
3. Shipbuilding Engineering
4. Piping Engineering
5. Welding Engineering
6. Marine Engineering
7. Marine Electrical Engineering
8. Automation Engineering
9. Safety Engineering
10. Waste Treatment Engineering
11. and Maritime Business Management

In SHIPS, you will be teached how to win a ship tender,
how to design the ship,
how to manufacture it,
how to build it,
how to design the pipelines,
how to put the machine in it,
how to supply the power,
how to automate the ship,
how to maintance the safety,
how to treat the waste, and once the ship is ready,
you will be teached how to sell it.
SHIPS also offering scholarships for INDONESIAN and INTERNATIONAL students.

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