Analisis kepuasan pemustaka terhadap kualitas layanan perpustakaan di perguruan tinggi vokasi dengan metode servqual dan importance-performace analysis

Library in Vocational Higher Education is required to provide the best services in facilities, learning environment based on the characteristics of vocational education. This study aims to measure the level of satisfaction of library services in vocational colleges. The questionnaires were distributed to 150 respondents including students and lecturers based on five dimensions of Servqual. The analysis was conducted by identifying the gap between perception and expectation using Importance-Performance Analysis method. Overall, the analysis if the gap for all Servqual dimensions was negative. Some services needto be improved to meet user expectations. By using Importance-Performance Analysis, itwas found that the attribute P10 (Library needs to provide an adequate online catalog) should be prioritized. It is expected that the library can improve the services based on the users’ needs.

Keywords  : Servqual; Hope and Perception; Level of Satisfaction; Library

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